FortiOS IPSEC pre-shared key (PSK) recovery logic

In various scenarios, you may want to recover psk plaintext from encrypted format out of a FortiGate or from a FortiGate config backup.

Method 1:

“Print Instructions” menu through a FortiClient profile, ther are 2 alternatives for recovering PSK:

I don’t remember if you need to change existing tunnel or duplicate tunnel or restore a fake config …


Method 2:

1) Log in into the web-interface as a (super?) admin.

2) Change your url/path to https://fortigateip/api/v2/cmdb/vpn.ipsec/phase1-interface?plain-text-password=1

3) Firefox understands the JSON reply. I hope your browser does too. Search for the term “psksecret” on the page. Passwords/secrets should be listed as plain text passwords now.

Method 3:

You can always view the Pre-Shared Key of a WiFi SSID via the GUI. But since FortiGate/FortiOS uses the same algorithm for storing these passwords as for (say) phase1 PSK’s, you can simply:

Create a dummy SSID via the GUI.

Change the password from CLI.

config wireless-controller vap

edit “dummy-decrypt”

set passphrase ENC some-base64-string-from-phase1-PSK


Go back to the GUI.

Edit the dummy SSID.

Push the eye logo to reveal the SSID/PSK/whatever password.

I conclude that the encoding method/key must be somewhat fixed in FortiOS (since a FortiVM can decode passwords as well).

By design, password can’t be be salted or they will be no way to restore a config file during RMA process from example.

Note: All three methods do not all work on any FortiOS versions.


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