FortiClient SSL VPN Failure Stages

UltraNotes are just quick tech notes for reference. This UltraNote covers the FortiClient SSL VPN failure stages and what they mean. Big thanks to Kostas S. for sharing this.

If FortiClient fails as the following stages, the likely cause is as follows:

  • 10% – Local Network/PC issue
  • 31% – Certificate not trusted, warning sometimes hidden in background (move window)
  • 40% – Application or the Fortigate causing the error, occasionally caused by the local machines/network setup
  • 45% – MultiFactor Authentication
  • 80% – Username/Password issue ; or trying to connect to wrong port number
  • 98% – corruption of services/often resolved by reinstalling the client on the laptop.

This concludes this UltraNote, thank you for reading, I hope this was helpful.

Source: https://www.ultraviolet.network/post/ultranote-forticlient-ssl-vpn-failure-stages


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  1. Hello ! I found something that worked for me !

    Since yesterday I was stuck at 98% and I’ve tried everything (even reinstall Win10). And the “problem” found was my Internet connection !! I found myself really dumb after that !!! I need to log VPN forticlient and for that I was using my mobile phone hotspot…. It worked after I disable IPv6 to use IPv4 only !!!

    To disable IPv6 on Android device to use IPv4 only.
    Step 1 : Go to your Android device System Settings and tap on “Network & Internet”
    Step 2 : Tap on “Mobile network”
    Step 3 : Tap on “Advanced”
    Step 4 : Tap on “Access Point Names”
    Step 5 : Tap on the APN you are currently using
    Step 6 : “APN Protocol”
    Step 7 : Tap on “IPv4”
    Save the changes

    I hope that helps !

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